— Animal Paradise —

Hangzhou wildlife world is a comprehensive ecological park integrating animal display, popular science education, leisure and entertainment. The park has two tourist areas: pedestrian area and vehicle area. At present, more than 260 kinds of precious wild animals are raised and displayed. The pedestrian area has many animal customs exhibition areas such as Chinese national treasure area, predatory dangerous area, Mengchong paradise, African tribe, Senba elf tribe and so on.

Encounter rare national treasures such as giant panda, golden antelope and golden monkey in the antique and charming Chinese national treasure area.

Enjoy the power of carnivores such as the South China tiger, leopard, spotted hyena and white tiger in the winding predatory danger.

There are also "high cold style" full reptile family, gorgeous aquatic animals, all in the new exhibition area -- cute pet paradise!!

Can't get enough of one area? Don't worry!Unlock the secrets of the driving area with a free forest train! In the journey of appreciating the original ecological and natural scenery, we greet wild animals from five continents one by one, such as "fighter master", "bird flying Man", "grassland overlord" and "desert king"......Whether it's on the road or on foot, this open-top animal exploration tour is a rewarding experience.

That's right! Come to Hangzhou Wildlife World clocked small partners, but don't forget to take a photo with our "animal net red" photos Oh. Not far away to settle in Hangzhou, the giant panda "half and a half", the first golden cow born in the Year of the Ox " Si Wei", Malaysia's national treasure meng beast "Yi", as well as "Shu Senda people" ring-tailed lemurs, "the ball curtain" of the otter family ... More exciting interaction in Hangzhou Wildlife World, look forward to your visit!

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